At SummerArrow, we recognize that when stepping into the best version of ourselves- we deserve to have products that provide the clarity, confidence and style we need to hit the mark every single time. 

Our story is a simple one- our founders, mother daughter team- Nicole and Kris Walters- know what it’s like to juggle it all...but lack the time to fuss with fashion.

From managing multimillion dollar businesses, and filming hit TV shows- to posting 4.0’s in school while beating stage four cancer- they both understand that life is complex- yet rewarding. And to land your targets, it’s about simplifying the things you can- so you can excel, where you are. 

SummerArrow was born as the answer to a common problem everyday achievers face- 

How can I show up as the best version of me-with ease- every. single. time. Where can I find real world friendly, shamelessly smart, ‘Fuss Free Fashion?’ 

Providing stylish and sensible solutions to headwear, skincare, and wardrobe- SummerArrow offers just that- ease, confidence, and consistency so the priority is your goals, not your clothes.

SummerArrow is your year round partner, empowering you to easily meet each moment-hitting all your marks- while feeling as radiant as a summer day. 

Summer Arrow:
“Shine your light, Hit your mark.”

(Matthew 5:15)