10 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts.


I follow a few bloggers on IG and I have noticed that the consistency of their timeline helps draw followers towards them.  It seems that every post just seems to flow into the next and it continues thru hundreds of pictures.  I studied a lot of timelines on IG and came up with a few of my favorites right now.  This list could change in the future or be updated, but here we go.



This instagrammer lives in Europe and frequently posts gorgeous photos of flowers, coffee, and fashion.  Her color scheme is usually in the pinkish hue which is perfect for us girly girls.



Lichipan is currently in Australia and you can find her posting random goodness from confectionery, to decor, or even her signature pastel hair color.



This gorgeous timeline of Mikutas features a lot of fashion forward pics and grayish hues.  Her consistency is one to truly admire.



Gypsea Lust’s pictures speak for themselves and her timeline makes you feel that you are apart of each journey.



Each one of the photos that Giltaminphotog posts has this sunset filter and that is his trademark.  This is how he sets himself apart from other photographers and the work is gorgeous!



This beauty is actually my favorite!  She is the queen of the glam DIY’s.  Her personality on YouTube is so bubbly and her IG feed is pure glamour.



Paulina Arcklin is hands down my favorite photographer.  If I were to study photography professionally, I would beg her to be my mentor.  It amazes me how she captures the simplest shots and they become magic.



My timeline on IG is evolving everyday.  I try to make sure I post inspiration from decor, to confection, to coffee.  It is so much fun finding beautiful images for my feed.



Seriously, Vintagepiken’s timeline is pure rustic and pretty perfection.  Her styling technique is also one of my favorites to date.



When it comes to lipstick themes Vladmua is one of the best. If you browse her Timeline, she even talks about her greatness being knocked off by multiple cosmetic lines.  She has grown into such an amazing artist.



If there is one thing that people appreciate on IG is great photography and content.  A timeline feed that is thought out will gain more attention than the random here and there posts every other week or once a month.  IG is a FREE app where you can gain sales leads, build a network,  gain followers, and subscribers.  Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?  I love following inspirational pages so leave your faves in the comments.


🙂 Aja

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