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How to Create a FREE Digital Vision Board!

Happy 2017!  It’s a new year and that means new adventures, new goals, new dreams, and new visions!  A lot of people make it a priority to create vision boards for the new year to ensure they have a clear view of what they want throughout the year.  I love the old school cutting and pasting on a foamboard, but this year I came up with a different way to create my board.  Below I did a step by step guide on how I created my travel vision board with the fabulous Pic Collage app.  I created one board on my phone as well as my pc, just to make sure that both were super easy and fun.  With the help of Pinterest I was able to create my board in no time.

As I stated, the app I used to create my digital vision board is Pic Collage.  This app is super easy and you can cut and paste the pictures from Pinterest that you would like to save on your board.  FYI: Using pictures from Pinterest should be for inspiration only.  I do not recommend using someone elses’s pictures for sale or distributing purposes.


Step 1: Download the pic-collage app on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Step 2: Start your collage from scratch or with a pre-made template.  I chose the “start from scratch” option.


Step 3: Choose your background pattern, texture, or color.


Step 4: After you have saved the pictures you want to use for your collage, select + > photos.

Screenshot (7).png

Step 5: Add the photo of your choice.

Screenshot (9).png

Step 6: Double click the picture.


Step 7: Choose the “Clip” icon and cut the picture in your desired shape.  Tip: the size of the picture can be altered by selecting and squeezing on your touch screen device.


Step 8: After cutting the picture select “Draw to Clip” at the top of the screen on the left.


This is what my clip looks like after cutting the shape.

Step 9: Add text, stickers, and more pictures until your collage is complete.


You can also change the border color of the pictures, or go without the border.


Step 10: Click the save icon at the bottom of the screen.  It looks like a circle with 3 other circles around it.  That’s the best way I can describe it, sorry.

Screenshot (17).png

And VOILA you’re all done! I plan on making this a little cleaner with the design, but here is a rough draft of my travel vision board that took me about 20 minutes to complete.


The great thing about creating the vision board digitally is you can save it to all of your devices so you can keep the vision with you all day and never lose sight of it.  I save my vision boards to my phone wallpaper and lock screen as a constant reminder of what I am shooting for.  Let me know what you guys think about the app and have fun making your vision boards!


Aja 🙂




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