10 Ways to Beat Holiday Blues: Single Girl Style


The holidays are a bit of a dread for some folks and they can be tough to get through.  Since I am single I thought I would shed some light to you other single ladies.  Oh the office Christmas parties without a date and the Christmas dinner discussions about why you are still single are always fun, right? <—- That was sarcasm by the way.  But don’t you worry, you only have 26 more days to go and it will be countdown time to 2017!  I’ll toast to that.


Take a Spa Day!

Nothing says you love yourself more than a spa day.  Get a massage, a pedicure, a manicure and since you’re single (clears throat) maybe a bikini wax?

Netflix binge on lighthearted movies.

Netflix has every type of movie or show you want to watch.  A few lighthearted ones are: Zootopia(currently my favorite), Ghost Town, What About Bob?, and Christmas with the Kranks. 

Buy that pair of shoes you really want.

I’m not saying buy the shoes that are going to break the bank, definitely don’t do that. Since it is Christmas, also known as the gift giving season, go ahead and buy the shoes you have been putting in your shopping cart for past 3 months.  They shall look great at the Christmas party!

Get wine wasted with your bff.

If you bff is married like mine hopefully she has a cool husband who doesn’t mind if you gals get together with your favorite bottle of wine and do some major cackling and sipping the night away.  Call Uber if you get too wasted though, do not sip and drive.

Dress up, make up, and take a zillion selfies.

One thing that I think us women should do is be comfortable in our own skin, in front of a camera.  So put all of your YouTube hair and makeup tutorials to the test and get glammed for your own personal photo shoot.  It doesn’t matter if you like taking selfies or not, start liking the way YOU look and love on you!

Get a new hair do.

I am sure this is a touchy one, but if you’ve been rocking that same hairstyle for 5 years, hun, it’s time for a change.  Make an appointment to get some fab color or a sassy a*s haircut.  You’ll be bringing in the new year with a new look and it could brighten your spirits.

Take a yoga class.

Ok, so maybe you have never been interested in yoga, but it helps with relaxation.  If you do not feel like you’re quite ready to take a class, there is an awesome yoga instructor on YouTube Yoga with Adriene and her practices are so great.  She really helped me with my breathing and stretching techniques.

Make it a karaoke night with your friends.

Just get dressed, go to a karaoke bar, drink, and sing badly.  That’s it.  Don’t forget Uber if things get too outta hand.  You would think I was getting paid to mention Uber, but I just think it’s the best idea EVER!

Get a jump start on your 2017 fitness goals.

Why wait until January to start?  Go ahead and start now!  Start burning those holiday calories asap.  Once you see results it becomes a great addiction.

Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter.

A great way to feel blessed is to give back.  Volunteer a few hours and put a few smiles on some faces this holiday season.  You may realize life is pretty good, and you just have to be thankful for the small things.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed these few minutes with me.  As always don’t forget to subscribe to keep up with all of this Summer Arrow Goodness!

Aja 🙂

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