30 Tim Burton Inspired Furnishings.

Keeping in the spirit of Halloween I decided to post some gorgeous dark furnishings.  Anyone who knows me, knows that Tim Burton is my favorite director and I love basically any movie he has ever directed.  Beetlejuice, The Corpse Bride, Batman Returns, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber, Sleepy Hollow, and the list goes on.  When I look at these pieces I vision them inside of most of Burton’s films since he is such a dark director.  I am not an interior decorator, but I know beautiful pieces when I see them and the following list is creepily gorgeous.  So, let’s get started with the list shall we?


Uuuuum... yes, Yes, YES! I Love, Love this! Black Velvet Baroque High Back Chair by Clarisa  LaStrega:

awesome chairs! #home #decor #dark #black #gothic:

TL FURNITURE | CHIC COUTURE ARMCHAIRS ArtE190 Queen Anne Shaped back and wing detailed armchair sofa and bed.:

..I'd feel like a princess in a dark castle in this room. And I am okay with that.:


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Baroque Clock:


gothic lighting  I like the dark but detailed on it , it would be a good feature light:

Leather and metal sofa. Steam punk is not my style but this could work in a room with that theme reminds me of kat von d <3 LA Ink:

I so want this black couch!!! It's so neato! This site has a lot of pretty stuff like this. I love this! Dream couch!!!:

The ornate Versailles Noir bed from Newtons furniture, is a simple way to add a touch of gothic glamour to a bedroom.:

Room is going to be painted a silver gray, with white trim. Bedding is white black gray and yellow, accents are yellow. Style is industrial gothic kind of, very artsy and cool. Marquee lights, paintings with abstract and cool designs, gray rug, black ikea desk and wall shelves, metal industrial desk magnetic board and wall storage with black board and dry erase board, yellow black out curtains, vintage dresser painted white or black, black leather headboard tufted and dark gray tufted chair:

perfect throne for the woman of the house.  want this one too!:

creepy decor - Google-søgning:

I would like this to be a double fireplace from the master bedroom to the bathroom:

Gothic Furniture:

I'd decorate my whole house in things like this if my family would let me.:

Black Carved Wooden Moroccan Screen - This Week in Design: Gothic Decor on The Interior Project:


..black chair..:

Gothic style mirror. Its a wall hung mirror that looks like a portable mirror used in the 16-18th century, the handle element is highly decorated.:

Fabulous and Baroque  Rococo French Dressing Table by wanda:

An English Cast Iron Wardian Case On Stand:

Take a good look at yourself.  (Your Goth makeup needs to be touched up after kissing all those puppies and kittens.):

They can be vintage, modern, mid-century or even eclectic, but suite rooms have to be elegant, confortable and cozy. See more decor tips here: http://www.pinterest.com/delightfulll/:

4061 BLACK LACQUER BAROQUE THRONE CHAIR  Be the king or queen or your house in this magnificent throne chair. Reminiscent of the thrones royalty used to sit in during the Baroque period and hand-carved out of the highest quality imported wood, this large chair exudes grandeur and sophistication. Upholstered in the finest black velvet and finished with beautiful chrome studs, this chair is the perfect rock star addition to any home.  It can be customized as you please!:

Black cushioned bench chest: Black King Arthur King by Fabulous Baroque:

I don't even care what the rest of the house looks like, as long as I can have this kitchen ...:

21 Gorgeous Gothic Home Office And Library Décor Ideas | DigsDigs:

Édouard Lièvre  VITRINE CABINET, CIRCA 1875:


I hope you guys enjoyed this list of pieces as much as I enjoyed creating this post.  Share with a friend and don’t forget to subscribe!

Aja 🙂


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