10 Ways “We Lived Happily Ever After.”


I know you probably thought this post was about a romantic relationship that gives tips on dating, but this post is so much more better than that!  I found this magical blog called “We Lived Happily Ever After”, and I fell in love with Hannah’s artwork and her story.  I decided to share a few of my favorites from her whimsical blog site.  The list includes watercolor tutorials (yes you can do it!), FREE printables, FREE graphics, and inspirational quotes.  This was so much fun to choose from all the magic that Hannah creates.  Enjoy!

Aja 🙂

Watercolor Butterfly Printable


Watercolor Brush Lettering Tutorial


Free Christmas Watercolor Deer Printable


Free ABC Nursery Print


Free Gold Leaf USA Print


Ridiculously Cute Watercolor Forest Animal Printable Set


The Most Realistic Hand Drawn Fonts | Pt. 1


B&W Ink Digital Graphic Freebiees


Free Vintage Graphics Volume 1 + How to Make Leterpress Effect

Watercolor DIY Boho Watercolor Arrow Painting



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