I fell in love with “boo” today, Sugarboo that is.

I discovered this whimsical store in the heart of Brookhaven while I was randomly making a U-turn today.  As soon as I saw the sign my first thought was, “I have got to go in there!” Ohhhhh, the level of joy I felt once I stepped inside of this rustic design haven!  The lovely young ladies who work there gave me a little background info about the company and of course I asked if it would be ok to take a few pictures for my blog.  I think I was too excited.  Honestly I’m fine with being over the top when it comes to my obsession with wood, art, and jewelry!


This front wall is filled with colorful prints and positive messages.  This was my favorite area of the store.  The artwork is simple and just perfect.


I may have lied about the front wall being my favorite area of the store because I love every little thing about this section.  I mean, look at that barn door and the cotton stalks inside the vase.  Ugh, love this!


And the tour continues with just more woodness (wood and awesomeness, yeah I made that word up)





Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn”, seems to be the mantra in this place.  I saw this saying a few times while I was browsing.  It really does speak volumes and again, it’s so simple.



I really talked the Sugarboo & Co. ladies’ ears off about how much I loved the store.  This place has inspired me beyond my wildest dreams and I am so happy I found it!  They have several stores including: Boca Raton, Disney, Birmingham, Ponce City Market, Cumming, and of course Brookhaven. If you’re in the Atlanta area, do yourself a favor and visit this place.  You will quickly find out why their tagline is “Dealer in Whimsy

Aja 🙂


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